Here’s an scene from Never a Loose End, availabe in the Kindle Store now.

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Brian was lounging on the couch, reading a gun magazine, when heard footsteps coming. “Shit,” he said. “Josh, someone’s coming.”

“Heard them,” Josh said. “I got the shotgun.”

Brian laughed.

“Stand down, it’s the guys,” Brian said.

“Guys?” asked Josh.

“From the compound, dumbass,” Brian said.

“Wonderful,” spat Sadie, sitting in the chair with her knees up against her naked body, trying to keep warm in the air conditioning. “You guys going to gang bang me now?”

“Shut up,” Brian said, pointing his gun at her. “Josh, keep a gun on the cunt while I go see what’s up.”

Josh came in from the kitchen, sat down, and leveled the shotgun at Sadie.

“Anything goes wrong, and I’ll tattoo you to that chair with buckshot, bitch,” Josh said.

“You got to call your boss first, you pussy,” Sadie said. She shut up and gave Josh the evil eye.

Brian walked out on the front porch. Six men were coming up the driveway. One of them raised his weapon, and the leader put his hand on the weapon and pushed it down.

“The bitch still tied up?” asked the lead man.

“Yeah, Jeff, she’s still tied up. Josh has a 12-gauge pointed at her right now.”

“Good,” said Jeff. He walked over to Brian and shook his hand. Jeff was a tall thin man, middle-aged, with reddish brown hair and a full beard. He turned to the men.

“Okay, here’s what we do,” said Jeff. “Matt, get up next to the water tank, and keep an eye on the road. Jerry, you get on the other side of the property, up the hill a little, and watch that side of the road. The rest of you, get on the front porch and keep your eyes open while I fill Brian and Josh in on the situation.”

Brian and Josh went into the house. When Josh saw Jeff, his face lit up.

“Hey, Jeff, how the hell are you?”

Jeff walked over and shook hands with Josh.

“I’m fine, kiddo,” said Jeff.

“Good, maybe this dude is man enough to eat my pussy,” Sadie said, arching her back to stick her breasts out.

Jeff smiled and walked over to her. Then he backhanded her in the face, hard, causing blood to run out of her nose.

“Shut the hell up, you stupid whore,” said Jeff. Sadie spit at Jeff, and he back handed her again.

Josh laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. Brian just watched coolly.

“Jeff, I suggest we bring the boys in here and let them know about this bitch,” Brian said.

“Yeah, at least the ones on the porch,” said Jeff. “Hey, guys, come in the house for a minute.”

The men came in, all staring at Sadie.

“You guys see this bitch?” Brian said. “Hands off. She’s a snake. Don’t even think about any fun time with her. Understand?”

The men looked at Jeff and nodded.

“Good,” said Jeff. “Now, I want her outside for a few minutes so I can talk to Josh and Brian. John, you and Bob take her out far enough to where she can’t hear what we’re saying. Chuck and Al, you stay in here, but I want your eyes out the window and your guns cocked, understand?”

The men nodded again. Two of them pulled Sadie out of her seat. One of them grabbed a towel sitting on the coffee table and wiped the blood off of her face, and then they walked her outside. The other two men knelt by the front windows and watched.

“Alright, what’s the deal?” asked Josh.

“Sailor Boy called us. Somebody got to Walt and picked him up, right before Monte could grab him. Monte saw the whole thing, but they made him, so he had to split.”

“Shit,” Brian said. “Who?”

“We don’t know, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a bounty hunter. We think it’s somebody who wants to find Sadie.”

“Which means they’re on their way here,” Josh said.

“You got it,” said Jeff. “Monte’s still following them as best he can without being spotted. They appear to be coming straight towards us.”

“How many?” asked Brian.

“There were two men and one woman, in an old beat-up yellow van,” said Jeff. “They grabbed Walt and some stripper he picked up in Fort Mohave.”

“Damn, when’s that boy going to learn,” Josh said.

“Who are these guys?” asked Brian. “Are they the guys that Sadie tried to kill?”

“No, description is all wrong,” said Jeff. “There’s one rather disturbing idea that one of Sailor Boy’s people came up with.”

“What’s that?” asked Josh.

“It could be the creep that Sadie hung out with about ten years ago,” said Jeff. “Most people think the guy is dead, but based on movements of his best buddy, that might not be the case. Sadie double crossed him. Badly.”

“Who?” asked Josh

“A guy named Jason Beckler,” said Jeff. “Ring a bell?”

“Fuck,” Josh said. “I’ll bet he’s got Earl Wilson with him. These guys are bad news.”

“What do you know about them?” asked Jeff.

“Josh here likes to read about serial killers and bank robbers,” Brian said. “I always thought it was a waste of time. I stand corrected.”

“Beckler is one of the most successful serial killers of the last 40 years,” Josh said. “He sets up elaborate scenarios to capture his prey, usually working with one or two others. When he gets them, he tortures them to death. Nasty stuff. He likes to capture whole families, rape the women right down to ten-year-olds, and then kill them in front of their men. Then he butchers whoever is left, including kids. He’s fucking crazy, and the cops could never get close to him. He just disappears.”

“What about the other guy you mentioned?” asked Jeff.

“Earl Wilson,” Josh said. “He’s minor compared to Beckler. I think they might be related, or at least they were childhood friends. He was involved with Red Dagg……..oh shit.”

“What?” asked Jeff.

“That ex-cop who Sadie tried to kill,” Josh said, breathing heavier now. “That was Malcolm Davis. He’s the guy who set up the ambush on the serial killer called Red Dagger. You remember that one, it was everywhere on the news. Hell, they even made a Movie of the Week on that incident.”

“Yeah, that I do remember,” said Jeff.

“Me too,” Brian said. “So that means we could have two serial killers and one crazy ass ex-cop on the way here right now. Do we have enough guys?”

“Eight heavily armed guys. That should be enough, don’t you think?” asked Jeff.

“I’d rather be someplace else,” Josh said. “Why don’t we take the bitch to the compound? We stand a better chance there.”

“Because of Walt,” Brian said.

“Yep, because of Walt,” said Jeff. He walked over to the door. “Okay, bring the bitch back in.”

The two men brought Sadie back to the chair and dumped her into it. She looked up at Josh, Brian, and Jeff.

“What’s the matter, boys?” Sadie said. “You scared of somebody? You brought lots of people. It won’t be enough.”

Jeff walked over and back-handed her across the face one more time, starting her nose bleeding again. She laughed out loud, and spit blood out on the floor.

“Fort Mohave isn’t that far away,” Brian said. “We’ll either get hit tonight or early tomorrow morning.”

“It’s gonna be a long night,” said Jeff. He sat down, deep in thought.

“Somebody’s going to get you,” sang Sadie in a sing-song, school girl voice.

“Do we have to keep her alive?” asked Jeff.

“Afraid so, Jeff,” Josh said.

Sadie giggled.



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