From Bug Out! Book 1

Motot Home


Here’s a scene from Bug Out! Book 1

The coach was ready to go in less than an hour.
“I’ll back out the coach and get it to the staging area,” Frank said. “Follow me out there with the Jeep, and we’ll get her hooked up.”
Jane nodded. Frank got into the coach and fired up the engine. The Georgetown’s V-10 roared to life, and then settled down into a purr. He turned on the rear view camera and checked his mirrors, then he slowly backed the coach out of the slanted parking space. He cut hard as his front end cleared the post holding up the carport roof, and then straightened out and drove down the access road. He got to the staging area and straightened out as Jane pulled the Jeep up behind the coach. Frank shut down the engine and went out to do the hook up.
Jane had the jeep positioned just about right. It only took another few minutes to get everything hooked up. When they were finished, the two entered the coach. Jane got in the passenger seat, and Lucy jumped up on her lap. Frank got into the driver’s seat.
“Which way are we going, honey?” asked Jane.
“The way I see it, we have three choices. We take I-10 over to the15 and go north east towards Las Vegas, or we take the I-40 east towards Needles and Bullhead city.”
“I think there is going to be a lot of riff-raff on the 15. Maybe on I-40 too,” Jane said.
“The other alternative is to take I-10 and make for Quartzsite. We could overnight there and figure out where to go next.”
“Boondock, huh? You’re brave.” Jane said.
“Gotta learn sometime. Wish we had the solar panels, though. One thing about Quartzsite is that we can probably buy solar panels there.”
“Alright,” Jane said. “I think I-10 is the safest bet. Let’s go.”
Frank nodded. He started the engine and put the coach in gear. He slowly rolled up to the gate. Harry was outside, moving supplies from his SUV to the office. He waved at Frank, and opened the gate. Frank drove through. Harry trotted over to the driver’s side window, and Frank opened it up.
“Good luck, my friend,” Harry said.
“You too, Harry. Take care of yourself. Don’t get yourself killed over this place.”
“I’ll try my best. Goodbye, Jane.”
“Goodbye, Harry,” she said. “Take care.”
They drove up to the road, and made a wide right turn. The I-10 onramp was about two miles down. Frank was glad it wasn’t further than that. This place looked as bad as home did. Trash and broken glass littered the sidewalks and the road. He carefully steered the coach through it, trying not to run over anything that would damage the tires. When they were finally rolling down the onramp, Frank sighed with relief.
“Mind if I turn on the radio, Frank?”
“Go ahead. Some news would be good.”
Jane got out of her seat and leaned over to turn on the radio. She pushed the button to get to the news station.
“Here’s more on that series of sigalerts to the east of the greater Los Angeles area,” the announcer said. “The CHP has closed down I-10 eastbound lanes at Ontario due to heavy traffic and a massive multi-car accident.”
Jane looked over at Frank, a horrified look on her face.
“I-15 is still open, but getting there is difficult due to the I-10 sigalert and extremely heavy traffic on the 210 freeway.”
“Well, at least we are east of that mess on I-10,” Jane said.
“I’m glad we left as early as we did.”
“You and me both. Wow! Look at that!” Jane pointed to the westbound lanes. It was another military convoy, the biggest one they had seen yet. There was a long line of military trucks rolling along, with CHP cars alongside.
“Are those tanks?” asked Frank. He pointed. There were several massive flatbed trucks with armored vehicles chained to the tops of them. They had gun turrets, but didn’t look as big as battle tanks.
All of a sudden the traffic started slowing down quickly, and there were flares on the sides of the road, slowly bringing all the traffic down into just two lanes. Thanks to being so high off the ground, Frank and Jane could see far up ahead. There was a row of CHP cars and a military truck in the road, ahead about five hundred yards. An officer went up to each car and talked to the driver for a few seconds before letting them through.
“Where did you put the guns?” asked Frank.
“I put them in the drop down bunk above us and closed them in. Unless these folks know this coach, they aren’t going to know to look there.”
There was shouting up ahead. The CHP officers were pulling people out of a dirty old mini-van that was pulled off to the side of the road, past the check point. Somebody yelled “FIREARM”, and the CHP officers all drew their weapons and pointed them into the vehicle. Just at that moment several solders piled out of the back of the military truck, their weapons at the ready.
“Shit, I hope they don’t shut this checkpoint down because of that,” Frank said.

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