Here’s a taste of Stolen Youth – the next in the Franklin and Davis series.

This one is in editing right now. It’s a full-length novel, and it’s rated NC-17 – so beware if you don’t like bad language, violence, ect. It follows the further exploits of George Franklin and Malcolm Davis. Hoping to have it out in a couple months.

This is Chapter 38 “Red Relatives” – these cretins are the wild, savage siblings of Red Dagger, a serial killer who tangled with Malcolm Davis and didn’t live through it…

“Dammit, Fergey, knock it off!” shouted Fred.

Fergey was driving the van, weaving in and out of traffic like a madman, narrowly missing several cars and a semi-truck. They were blasting down I-75 from Gaylord, Michigan. Fred was in the passenger seat, eyes wide, sweating. Hal was sitting in back, leaned against the paneled wall, playing his harmonica.

“Will you stop with that, Hal?” Fred shouted. “And Fergey, don’t forget to get on route 127. At the rate you’re driving, we’ll miss it.”

“You worry too much, you piss-ant,” Fergey said, crazy eyes staring at him, his long red hair and beard blowing in the breeze from his open window. Fergey was huge. Tall and overweight, with monstrous arms and an overhanging brow, making him look simian.

“Why don’t you close that window and turn on the air conditioner?” Fred shouted

“Blow me,” Fergey said, laughing. “I like the road coming at me. I got to feel it. So shut the fuck up.”

“Yeah, what he said,” shouted Hal from the back. “That damn air conditioner doesn’t get back here. I’ll take the wind any day.” He went back to his harmonica, playing it louder than before.

Fred glared back at Hal, then over at Fergey again. Fred was a tall skinny man, with long red hair, clean shaven. He had rat eyes and a weak chin.

“Hey, Fergey, want a drink?” Hal shouted, holding up a bottle of Black Velvet.

“Yeah, pass me that bottle,” Fergey said, laughing. Hal came up with it, handing it over as Fred watched in disgust. Fergey stared right at Fred as he took a big swig. Then he handed it back to Hal.

“You want some, Fred?”

“Yeah, what the hell,” Fred said, taking the bottle from Hal. “Might as well die happy.”

Fergey and Hal both cracked up as he took a big slug.

“Now we’re talkin,” Hal said. He was the youngest of the three brothers by several years, normal height and size, with short red hair and a long red beard. He looked about twenty-five, but he was really in his mid-thirties.

“There’s Route 127,” Fred said, pointing.

Fergey looked back at Hal, grinning, staying in his lane.

“C’mon, you’re going to miss it, asshole,” Fred said.

Fergey let out a yee-haw and flew across four lanes of traffic, cars honking behind him, tires squealing. He barely made the ramp, and hit the curve too fast, struggling to keep the van from rolling over.

“You asshole!” shouted Fred, as Hal rolled on the floor of the van laughing his ass off.

“Hey, we made it,” Fergey said. “No harm, no foul, little brother.”

“Why are you in such a God-damned hurry anyway?” Fred asked. “It won’t take us a week to drive down there.”

“I want to be there nice and early to check things out,” he said, grinning. “You don’t trust those guys, do you?”

“Nah,” Fred said. “I didn’t even want to come, remember?”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything,” Hal said. “You’re a pussy. That’s normal behavior for a pussy.”

“Fuck you,” Fred said. “The main reason I came along was to make sure you guys don’t get yourselves frigging killed. Ma’s been through enough.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Hal said.

“I’m anxious to get some of what Margo has,” Fergey said.

“She ain’t gonna let you within ten yards of that luscious body of hers,” Fred said. “Remember what happened last time? She’s the main person I’m worried about in all of this.”

“Her protection’s gone,” Fergey said. “I just might decide to keep her.”

“You’re nuts,” Fred said.

“I’ll help you with her, if I get some,” Hal said.

“Damn straight,” Fergey said. “Share and share alike.”

“You better be careful,” Fred said. “She’s smarter than both of you idiots. Smarter than Earl was, too.”

“Well, she’s still alive,” Hal said. “I guess that’s something.”

“That’s what I’m sayin,” Fred said.

“Listen to yourselves,” Fergey said. “You really afraid of her? Seriously?”

“I don’t think that’s the right way to put it,” Hal said. “She’s like a rattler. Treat her with the respect she deserves, and don’t turn your back. Doesn’t mean we can’t beat her.”

“Yeah, if we’re smart we can,” Fred said, “but Fergey has to do the thinking with the big head instead of the little head. Think you can do that, smart ass?”

Fergey snickered. “They work as a team.”

Hal busted up laughing again. “Yeah, you got that right.”

“Hey, somebody’s trying to get my attention,” Fergey said, looking in his mirror. “He’s been back there for a while. I think he’s pissed about my lane changes.”

“Great,” Fred said.

“Uh oh, he’s coming around on your side,” Fergey said, grinning. “Let’s play with him a little.”

“Will you settle down?” Fred shouted. He looked out the window. There was a man in a Buick shouting at him. Fred rolled down the window.

“Something wrong?” Fred asked calmly.

“You idiots made me drop my lunch all over my lap,” the man shouted. He was a white collar worker in his fifties, with an angry old face.

“Sorry about that,” Fred said.

“Fuck you,” the man said. Then he threw the burrito. It sailed through the window, hitting Fred in the face.

“God Dammit!” Fred shouted. He pulled a pistol out of the side pocket in his door and fired four times, splattering the man’s head all over the inside of his car. It hit the shoulder and rolled into a ditch.

“That thinking with the big head?” Fergey shouted, laughing so hard he could barely keep the van in its lane.

“Anybody see that from behind?” Hal asked.

“Nah, nobody was close enough,” Fergey said. “Nobody saw from the front either.”

“Son of a bitch,” Fred said, trying to clean the burrito off his shirt. “This is your fault, asshole.” He glared at Fergey, who was still laughing. Then he cracked a smile and laughed himself.

“Good shootin there, Tex,” Hal said from the back.

“Should have seen his eyes when he was staring into the barrel of my gun. He probably pissed himself before I pulled the trigger.”

“We’s gonna have us some fun on this trip!” Fergey shouted, following it with another Yee-haw!



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