4 thoughts on “Bug Out! California Book 9 has just been published!

  1. Sue Castle says:

    Quick question. I HAD been reading Bugout CA on line as you posted it. The last part was Part 173–Lemon Grove. Where am I in the parts you are posting on Amazon? Thanks, Sue Castle

  2. Bob says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Book 9, which I just published, ends at part 153. Book 10 will end at part 170.

    I’ve removed all of the parts published on Amazon from my WordPress Blog – I’m in Kindle Select, which puts my books into Kindle Unlimited – that requires that I be exclusive to the Kindle store – so I have to remove any material contained in an exclusive book from the internet – be it for pay on another site or for free on my blog.

    I’ll start writing chapters for this series and publishing them here again pretty soon – I’ve set it on the back burner for a while since I was written ahead. Now I’ve only got enough for one more book already written. I plan to have 13 books in this series, just like the original series and the Texas series – so I’ve got three more books to write.



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