New book release – Bug Out! California Book 9 – Patriots United.

Bug Out! California Book 9 – Patriots United has just been released.

What would you do if the government took your liberty?

California citizens wage war against the UN, brought in to enforce martial law as their Islamist henchmen terrorize the countryside.

Some citizens feel safer under martial law, free of the street violence and looting.

Other citizens see this for what it is. Globalist tyranny. Their only choice is to fight the invaders, to the death if necessary. They’re making progress, but the cost is high.

In Bug Out! California Book 9, the various groups of patriots begin working together, coordinating battles in the north and south.

The enemy has been losing ground in the north, forcing UN reinforcements to be diverted to Portland Oregon. Their only hope is to re-open the southern border to enemy troops. Islamist fighters are massing in northern Mexico by the thousands. If the enemy can’t bring them into California, they’ll lose the state.

Bug Out! California Book 9 – Patriots United is an action-packed thrill ride, with battle after bloody battle. Read about new weapons systems they bring into play, and new allies who join the fight. Can they finally bring the UN and the Islamists two their knees?

If you enjoy action-packed stories of bravery, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit, you’ll love this episode of the Bug Out! California saga.

Buy your copy today! Click the picture below for details.

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