Bug Out! California Book 14 is available now!

Bug Out! California Book 14 is available now!

What would you do if the government took your liberty?

California citizens wage war against the UN, brought in to enforce martial law as their Islamist henchmen terrorize the countryside.

Some citizens feel safer under martial law, free of the street violence and looting.

Other citizens see this for what it is. Globalist tyranny. Their only choice is to fight the invaders, to the death if necessary.

In Bug Out! California Book 13, the Globalists hunted resistance team leaders, drawing blood, but taking losses themselves.

General Hogan and Ivan planned their response, and launched it without mercy.

In Bug Out! California Book 14, both sides draw blood.

The UK erupts in violence, as government leaders are exposed, showing their support for the Globalists.

Resistance funder Jared Carlson of the Samson Corporation is discovered, and becomes a key target for the Globalists. They’re throwing everything they have against Jared and his son Alex. Will they survive?

The family of Lance Evans joins the fray, the monsters from that wicked family setting a trap for Malcolm, George, and Heidi. Can our heroes turn the tables?

Is the war really over, or is this just a timeout?


Bug Out! California Book 14 – Nation of Loss is an action-packed thrill ride, full of action and intrigue.


If you enjoy stories of bravery, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit, you’ll love this episode of the Bug Out! California saga.


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