The Clarke Chronicles Book 3 is published!

The Clarke Chronicles Book 3 – Immortal Warriors

The Overlords are on the run.

Simone over-estimated the power of her Razor battleships. Captain Trey Clarke’s New Jersey battleship bested her in several engagements, and then her attempted coup on Devonia Axxiom failed.

Overlord Senators and Representatives are being arrested. Prime Minister Aeon’s security forces have become a terror, disappearing people in the dead of night. Did the bad guys really lose? Or are things worse than ever?

Chairman Vermillion’s focus is the Samson Corporation’s secret fuel supply development and starship production. They’re making progress on both, but they are one leak away from discovery and destruction.

Peace talks are starting between the Samson Corporation and the Central Authority. Chairman Vermillion will travel to Devonia Axxiom for meetings. He’ll be unprotected. Will he survive?

Drake revealed technical capabilities to Captain Clarke that are beyond his wildest dreams. They are mankind’s best chance at restored liberty, but they could lead to an even darker period, if they fall into the wrong hands.

If you like heart-pounding space action, you’ll love The Clarke Chronicles Book 3 – Immortal Warriors.

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